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What patients are saying about us.
Dr. Pineda I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the extra effort that you have put forth to
assure that I have appropriate medical care.  I am very impressed with your knowledge and the
South Texas Arthritis Care Center is a very warm and caring place.  Many thanks to you and your
staff.  Sincerely, SF
Dear Dr. Pineda,
I want to take this opportunity to “Thank you” so very much for what you did for me on Wed.  I
was very impressed for the concern you should me while in your office.  I never had a doctor
so caring and thoughtful as you and I have had many in my life.  I want to say “Thanks” to you
and your staff for caring about me and my friend.  Just wanted to let you know how I felt about
you and the staff.  So caring and concerned.  Love and God Bless. MM

Dearest Dr. Pineda,
I’m going to miss you being part of my ongoing arthritic care.  You are just the greatest doctor.
It was surely my lucky day when I had my first appointment with you.  You always had something
to suggest, something new to try.  Always a pain reliever.  I will always be grateful for all your
God Bless and Good Health,  Love your Patient.  LH
Dr. Pineda,
Thank you very much for always caring about your patients and for being the Best-Shot Giver in
the medical field.  Thank you, SM
Dear Dr. Pineda,
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the support you have shown to me.  You are a
wonderful physician. I thank god that I’ve have the pleasure of knowing you and your healing
touch. Sincerely, ML
Dr. Pineda
We just wanted to thank you for helping both of us control our pains.  Your sympathetic attention
is a blessing.  You are a good friend.R&SS
Dr. Pineda,
You entered my life at a time when I thought it was ending.  I’ll never forget the help you’ve given
me and the kindness, too!  S
This is a note written by a doctor.
Dr. Pineda,
What a great consult.  I’m very impressed!  I know she will be so please to finally be on the
“Right Track” She has struggled for several years.  Thanks, Dr. B
Dr. Pineda
I’m so blessed and feel grateful to have you as my specialist doctor to treat my illness.  I feel like
I’m healing and feel much better from the arthritis.  I hope to get completely recovered soon thanks
to your help.  God Bless you.  RS
Dr. Pineda,
Thank you for taking such good care of me! VI
Dr. Pineda,
I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me this year has been hard but I am very
hopeful for the next year and that we can find a cure together. Thank you.  JR
Dear Doctor Pineda,
It means a lot to have a doctor who is as gifted and as caring as your are… Hope you know how
much you’re appreciated.  I will miss coming to your clinic as you have helped my health conditions
a lot.  Thank you again.  Sincerely, NW
Dr. Pineda,
It’s the little things in life that touch our hearts the most.  Thanks for being the kind of person who
makes such a big difference.  Sincerely, MS
Thank you very much for working in my mother…. We appreciate more than you know!  Thanks for
being such a caring doctor! PH&DM  

My name is Patricia Garcia and I’m 71 years old.  In late July 2009, my right knee started to hurt
severely and an MRI taken revealed I had bone-on-bone on my right knee and needed a total
knee replacement.  By September 2009, I was hurting so bad that I could no put any pressure on
my right foot.  Dr. Emily R. Pined of South Texas Arthritis Care Center informed of a new nonsurgical
procedure called “Regenerative Injection Therapy”, Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP,” and that I was a
good candidate for this procedure.  On 16 Oct 2009, Dr. Pineda performed the PRP on my right
knee.  Through Dr. Pineda’s high skills, proficiency and professionalism, the procedure only took
two hours as an outpatient.  I received several weeks of physical therapy and now I am back on my
feet.  I highly recommend the PRP procedure to anyone considering major surgery.  PG

Dr.  Pineda
I wanted to express and extend my appreciation to you and your staff: .  Over the past few months,I have experienced much pain & difficulty due to my illness.I have needed your services more than my normal maintence.  All of my visits have been positive.
The wait times are minimal the staff is caring and courteous!  Thank you for all you do and give.
I am fortunate to be a client.  Regards, C P

Hi Dr. Pineda we are traveling in our RV.  We have driven up to the great lakes and over to the
State of Maine.  And are now traveling down the East Coast.  We have been able to see many
beautiful things.  Thanks for your help in improving our quality of life.  R&S S

Dr. Pineda Julia & Staff,
Happy Holidays to all of you .  Thank you for all of your kindness during this past year Dr. Pineda
your the best Dr. ever!  I love the efficiency of your office and the whole staff is is  nice may God Bless
all of you & your families.  Fondly, KS

“I wanted to express and extend my appreciation to you and your staff. Over the past few months, I have experienced much pain & difficulty due to my illness...All of my visits have been positive.  The wait times are minimal the staff is caring and courteous!  Thank you for all you do and give.  I am fortunate to be a client."         —Regards, CP

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