Platelet Rich Plasma can provide
a natural alternative to surgery
for those with tendinitis, knee
arthritis, muscle or ligament
injuries using your own blood.

Platelet Rich Plasma is an alternative, natural approach to healing injuries used by many athletes for a quick recovery.  It is now available to those who suffer from pain and injury in the South Texas region with expert delivery using Ultrasound Guidance, thanks to Dr. Pineda.

- Tennis Elbow
- Golfers Elbow
- Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
- Shoulder Bursitis
- Hip Bursitis
- Knee Pain
- Spine Arthritis
- Tendon, Ligament and Muscle Injuries
- Other Conditions

How does Platelet Rich Plasma work?
Platelet Rich Plasma harnesses the bodies own natural healing power to stimulate repair of
damaged tissue.  A small amount of your own blood is drawn in the office and injected into
damaged tissue.  The naturally occurring healing proteins in the blood starts the repair process.  

Eliminate the need for more aggressive treatment
Whether you are suffering from tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis, muscle tears, tendinitis or
knee arthritis Platelet Rich Plasma could eliminate the need for surgery or even long-term
medication.  Steroid or cortisone injections can only provide you with temporary relief while
Platelet Rich Plasma has been shown to heal and regenerate damaged tissue with minimal
to no scarring.

Can I be treated with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy?
If you have tried and failed physical therapy, cortisone injections, medications or even surgery
then Platelet Rich Plasma may be the right option for you.  Give us a call and set up an appoint-
ment for an evaluation 210-615-9800.

"...I had bone-on-bone on my right knee and needed a total knee replacement...Platelet Rich Plasma, on my right knee...Through Dr. Pineda’s high skills, proficiency and I am back on my feet.  I highly recommend the PRP procedure to anyone considering major surgery."           Sincerely, PG

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