Ultrasound helps us 
accurately guide Platelet Rich
Plasma injections.

Dr. Pineda has perfected the art of
using ultrasound as an accuracy tool
when it comes to Platelet Rich Plasma
injections. She is recognized as one
of the best Ultrasound Technicians
in the country and can deliver a high
level of accuracy.

How does Ultrasound help with injections?
The needle is observed by the ultrasound as it goes into the targeted area. The ultrasound has
the ability to show areas that are up to one tenth of a millimeter in size, which makes it easier
to see soft tissue, tendons, nerves and bone.

You will benefit from the accuracy ultrasound can provide.
Regardless of what type of injections you are receiving, the ultrasound dramatically increases the
accuracy of the needle targeting the damaged area.  Without the ultrasound, the needle may not
hit the intended spot. However, with Dr. Pineda’s help, your ultrasound guided injections will
produce better results.

"Dr. Pineda is one of the best Technically Proficient Physician in REAL-TIME Ultrasound -Guided Injections in the country".
Dr. Thomas Clark
World renowned MSK
    Ultrasound Instructor    

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