We use a revolutionary
non-surgical approach that
uses your body's own natural
healing power to repair your
damaged tissues.


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  Are you interested in a
  natural alternative to
  surgery for your injury?

  Platelet Rich Plasma therapy
  could be your answer.  It uses the
  concentrated healing power of your
  own blood to initiate tissue healing,
  regeneration and repair, and to foster
  growth of new blood vessels  as well
  as stimulate the healing process.

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  natural process.

 You need a doctor who is
 experienced and accurate
 when treating injuries?

  Dr. Pineda is a leading expert in ultra-
  sound as a guide to increase accuracy
  for Platelet Rich Plasma and other
  injections.  Ultrasound promotes the
  ability to visualize areas in the body
  that are tiny and often difficult to see
  allowing Dr.Pineda’s injections to be
  on target.
  Read more about the accuracy
  ultrasound creates.

 Tired of chronic pain
 due to arthritis, tendinitus 
 or autoimmune disease?

 You may need to see a
 rheumatologist.  Dr. Pineda has
 years of experience treating pain
 from degenerative joint disease,
 osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel and
 other issues that affect your joints,
 muscles and immune system.

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 seek treatment for your pain.

"...I was very impressed for the concern you showed me while in your office.  I never had a doctor so caring and thoughtful as you and I have had many in my life..."

                      -  Love and God Bless, MM

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